»Because finding the best leaders is not a competition. It is a strategy.«

Shatranj [pronounced: Shatrange] is considered to be the predecessor of modern chess.
The word Shatranj is of Persian origin and refers to the strategic game of the same name.




It is our task and our goal to search and hire executives for the first and second management level who will take over the regency of a company. Our approach is to develop an individual strategy, customised to the special requirements of our clients.


Shatranj thus symbolically reflects our field of activities: the tactical direct search for a suitable regent on behalf of our clients and his or her careful enthronement in the respective company – with the aim to create the best-possible starting position in international competition.


We will be happy to arrange for a personal and confidential meeting with you. You can contact us by phoning +49 / 6196 / 40 01 44. If you have any general requests, please send us an e-mail to


What we do: Shatranj has specialised on the direct search and assessment of
high-ranking personalities for positions in the top management levels of companies
in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


For this direct search, Shatranj develops customised strategies – and uses its comprehensive experience of many years in the recruitment sector. This expertise is supported by an excellent network of contacts with an international management elite.


Shatranj supports its clients in filling positions on the higher management level and in supervisory committees of medium-sized companies, family-run enterprises and corporate groups.




To fill a position, there are several possibilities, like


  1. the classic direct search,

  2. finding suitable candidates for temporary interim management positions, and

  3. the search for managers with the intention to take a share in the company.


No matter what version you consider as our client: Shatranj always acts based on its principles of utmost reliability, diligence, and confidentiality. We do not only advise our clients in assessing the suitability of candidates, but also support them in contract negotiations and during the integration phase of the candidates.


For whom we work: With the direct search and selection from the ranks of the international management elite, Shatranj supports its clients in their endeavour to provide their future business with a maximum degree of security, continuity and stability.




Our clients are medium-sized and family-run enterprises, corporate groups and international investors. This includes private equity and venture capital enterprises as well as family offices, etc. who are searching for an experienced and qualified leader for founding or taking over a company
or organising company succession.


How we proceed: Shatranj acts solely by exclusive mandate on behalf of its
clients and regards itself as the advisory link between its clients’ interests and those
of the potential executives.




The most important basis of each mandate is an open dialogue in which all our contact partners’ objectives are defined and all questions relating to the tasks of the position to be filled are discussed.


The resulting personality profile of the potential candiate is the basis of a specific strategy Shatranj will use to start the subsequent search for a suitable personality, spanning various industries.